How to Avoid Common Vaping Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Vaping Mistakes

Some of these are very easily done or you might not even realise you've been doing it wrong!

16 February 2022 | Hannah Rubery

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For those taking their first steps on their vaping journey, there are many common mistakes that can easily happen. Making the switch from smoking to vaping can seem like a big task, after all they are quite different. But as smoking is one of the most harmful things we can do to our bodies; making the switch to a less harmful alternative is certainly beneficial. We’ve listed the top 5 common vaping mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Choosing the wrong device

Going to an actual vape store is a great way to solve this issue, but we understand that you may not have one nearby, or perhaps just prefer to shop online. Many first-time vapers buy a device without quite understanding what it is they’re getting. You may be inclined to buy the cheapest just to try it out, or the more expensive one because price means quality, right? You wouldn’t be wrong but if you’ve bought the wrong device for you, it could be more costly in the long run.

Many new vapers can manage the learning curve of vape devices but there’s no shame in needing something a little simpler. Starter kits are quite affordable and easy to use for a proper introduction to vaping. Devices like pod kits especially lend themselves to beginners due to their plug-and-play mechanic of popping in a pod to vape. Some of these require refilling but most offer replaceable pods that are pre-filled with E-Liquid. These require little to no maintenance to upkeep. Once comfortable with these you can even upgrade to pod tank kits which are a go-between with them and full tank mod kits.

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Choosing the wrong E-Liquid

This one depends on a few factors. Depending on your device you’ll want different ratios of liquid. Depending on your preference for vaping you’ll want a different type of liquid.

For those using low wattage devices, these lend themselves to nicotine salt E-Liquids which are ideal for smokers who have just made the change. Nicotine Salts offer a smoother but stronger hit of nicotine to help fight off cravings.

Those looking to chase clouds with their vapes will require a thicker E-Liquid that’s higher in VG than PG. Often these E-Liquids are of a 70VG/30PG ratio and lend themselves to high power devices. Most tend to be shortfills (nicotine-free E-Liquids) which then require you to add your own nicotine shots or can be vaped without nicotine for simply enjoying the flavour.

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Choosing the wrong nicotine level

This is an important one. For those who have just swapped from smoking getting the right nicotine strength is important as too little may not fight the cravings. Giving in to the cravings means going back to cigarettes, introducing harm back to your body. Too strong and it might have the same effect. For most who swap from smoking to vaping and smoked heavily (such as 20 cigarettes a day), we suggest starting on 20mg/ml nicotine salts like .

Our E-Liquids were designed with the purpose to help aid smokers who are making the switch. Higher-strength E-Liquids that use freebase nicotine are often hard-hitting to the throat and can make you cough. offer the same high strength of nicotine but with a gentler feel to the throat. If you find 20mg is a little too much for you, we also offer 11mg/ml that may suit you more, especially if you were only an occasional smoker.

There are also a variety of other strengths available in freebase nicotine E-Liquids that work in between and are lower than Nicotine Salt strengths. These can help when you are looking to cut down your nicotine intake.

Not bothering to prime coils

If you’ve gone with a device that requires maintenance and replacing coils, then it really is a great investment that should last you a long time. However, making sure to keep your device clean, charged and in working condition is vital. Part of this crucial process is learning how to replace and take care of your coils. One of the most common mistakes that new vapers make is failing to prime their coils. Those that don’t prime their coils can result in burning your coils, damaging them and introducing a horrible flavour to your vape.

To prime your coils all you need to do is place a few drops of your E-Liquid directly onto the exposed cotton when filling your tank. After letting the liquid sit on the cotton for a few seconds, install the coil and replace back into your device. Fill your tank and let it sit for around ten minutes before vaping. Making sure that your cotton is soaked and priming your coil with this method will mean you can enjoy your vape each time.

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Vaping like you're smoking - How to inhale with a vape

This one is quite simple but may take a while to get used to. Many smokers moving to vaping will find that drawing on an E-Cigarette is a little different to cigarettes. When smoking, you are used to drawing hard with quick puffs to get the most out of your cigarette. But with vaping it’s a little different – if you try to vape like you smoke you won’t be able to enjoy the vapour and get a proper nicotine hit. Although there are some devices that allow you to restrict the flow to make it more like when you draw on a cigarette.

When taking a draw on your device take long, slow draws to fill your mouth with vapour for a few seconds. Hold the vapour in your mouth for a second or two before opening your mouth and breathing in the vapour (not swallow). Then simply exhale the vapour from your lungs. This is the standard MTL (Mouth to Lung) style of vaping that mimics smoking.

Some devices are DTL (Direct to Lung) which requires you to draw slowly and steadily directly into your lungs rather than holding it in your mouth. These sorts of devices are more for advanced vapers looking to chase clouds.

Hopefully, you haven’t fallen afoul of these common vaping mistakes. Are there any that you have noticed or done yourself? Let us know in the comments.