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The PS One is an all-new next generation device. Built using a magnetic closed pod system, the PS One has an ergonomic design for comfort and style, an aluminium alloy body for durability, and is powered by MicroFeel™ heating technology for a smooth vaping experience Shop Now

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I stopped smoking in preparation of my future.  Highly recommend Pod Salt.


I found Podsalt and it totally changed the game for me.


I no longer smell like an ashtray.


Been smoking for over 25 years  now but pod salts was the only company which got me off the cigarettes, thanks podsalt!


After 32 years of smoking, I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and had to be smoke free for surgery, my daughter bought me a kit and pod salts strawberry, I was hooked, couldn't believe the intense flavour of my fave fruit, I haven't smoked since. Vaping flavours saved my life, thank you pod salt!


I Quit smoking in 2012 and have always used Podsalt for as long as I remember to help me stay away from the cigarettes. Flavours are absolutely beautiful.




Award Winning E-Liquids

Podsalt and our brand partners have won a multitude of awards, reflecting our continued success and commitment to bringing you great tasting e-liquids. The Pod Salt brand is now cemented in the top tier of nicotine salt products boasting Britain's Award Winning Nicotine Salt Base and winning 'Best Nic Salt E-Liquid'.


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At Podsalt, we have taken steps to ensure the premium quality of our products. All of our product items have a unique Authenticity Code that is registered to our database.

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