Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better?

Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better?

It’s not so much that they are better, but simpler.

30 August 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better? (Image)

Disposable vapes continue to remain popular and it’s not hard to see why with their ease of use, convenience and low cost. And a popular notion that has risen from the influx of vapers thanks to disposables, is that they taste better than traditional vapes. With some choosing to predominantly vape disposables, do they actually taste better or is it something else that has vapers hooked to these single-use devices?

Why would disposable vapes taste better than normal vapes?

The three main reasons why disposable vapes taste better are quite possibly these; pre-soaked cotton wicks, simple design to remove variability and quality of E-Liquid often containing nicotine salts. One of the simplest answers to the notion that disposable vapes taste better, is that the cotton wicks inside disposable vapes are much more saturated than normal kits. Most disposable vapes are sat in storage after being assembled before being sold, and this means that their cotton wicks are sat soaking up E-Liquid sometimes for months before use.

As any vaper knows, a well-soaked wick is the best way to ensure a good quality flavour and vape. If your cotton is not well saturated it can create a burnt taste and saturating your wick can take some time. So pre-packaged devices that already have the E-Liquid built in are less likely to have this issue and will deliver the desired flavour and hit much easier.

Another possible reason is that there is no versatility with disposable vapes. They’re designed to be single-use, non-rechargeable with only the single goal of delivering flavour and nicotine with each puff. Unlike many refillable kits, there’s no variability involved such as changing the wattage, different resistance coils or even adjusting the airflow, all of which can impact and change the flavour. Disposables generally come with a standard 1.2 ohm resistance coil which is perfect for using alongside nicotine salts.

This leads to our other possible reason. Most disposable vapes nowadays use nicotine salt E-Liquid which, due to the lower pH level, allows for a stronger and smoother hit of nicotine. This leaves you with a much more satisfying vape including the ability to enjoy your flavours more thanks to the overall experience.

The benefits of nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are the answer to those looking for a smoother vaping experience tailored especially for those looking to quit smoking. Normal, freebase nicotine at higher strengths can be unfortunately harsh on the throat, higher strengths that ex-smokers need to help fight the cravings.

Created by adding an acid compound to nicotine to lower the pH value, nicotine salts offer a much smoother and stronger vaping experience. Our nicotine salts here at Pod Salt, are an unrivalled formula that delivers the most premium vaping experience. Once you’ve tried Pod Salt you won’t turn back; our nicotine salts are guaranteed to Hit the Spot every time.

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How to get the same great flavour with your refillable kit

Although disposable vapes are great for many reasons, they are not the most sustainable method for vaping. Over time, the cost of disposables quickly grows and not to mention the amount of waste caused from tossing these single-use devices, a re-fillable kit is much better for those honestly wishing to take up vaping and quit smoking. Here’s a few things to look out for to make sure your kit tastes just as great.

Quality E-Liquids and the right ratio

When buying your E-Liquids, check the PG VG ratio. Those with a higher VG ratio are likely to have less flavour as its actually the PG (propylene glycol) that carries the majority of the flavour. So, if you find your vape is lacking, there’s a good chance your ratio is at fault. High VG E-Liquids are perfect for cloud chasers but if you’re wanting flavour, a balanced 50/50 ratio like Pod Salt’s nic salts, is perfect.

The right coil and coil maintenance

If you’ve been vaping a while and notice your flavour doesn’t seem quite right, there’s a good chance it’s your coil. Depending on your vaping style and what you vape, your coil may need replacing weekly or only once a month. A spent coil will not only mess with the flavour of your vape but can create an unpleasant gurgling sound or ever leak E-Liquid into the battery unit. Making sure to replace and maintain your coils is key to a great vaping experience. If you’re using nicotine salts, using a coil with high resistance like 1.2 ohms will work best for you.

Your kit makes the difference

It’s not just your coil that can make your vape taste not quite up to par. Making sure to clean your tank or replace your wick can also impact your flavours. If you’re still not satisfied, look at a double-coil setup for your device as these can give your more flavour. Similarly, bottom-coil atomizers will give you a more improved vape experience compared to top-coil ones. If in doubt, head to your local vape store where you can hear from the experts about what will suit your personal needs.

Our recommended flavours to try

There are several flavours that continue to remain the most popular in Pod Salt’s selection, and rightly so. Our 50/50 VG/PG nicotine salt E-Liquids combine a premium nicotine hit with quality flavours. Some of our top recommendations that you should try are…

Watermelon Breeze – an award-winning flavour (Vapouround Awards 2022) that combines sweet and juicy watermelon tones with an icy breeze to finish.

Banana Ice – our award-winning (Vapouround Awards 2021) creamy infusion of sweet banana and refreshing ice.

Blue Raspberry – a candy-inspired combination of tangy and sweet tones bursting with flavour.

Cuban Crème – a unique take on a Cuban tobacco classic, experience sharp, woody aromas, with hints of sweet, vanilla crème.

Fresh Mint – a classic and well-loved, stay minty fresh with a cooling, authentic mint flavour in every puff.