Latest News – Flavoured E-Liquids Banned in Lithuania

Latest News – Flavoured E-Liquids Banned in Lithuania

Only tobacco flavours will be allowed.

21 February 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Flavoured E-liquids banned in Lithuania (Image)

You may have already heard the worrying trend that has been rising all around is here in the UK. At this time there are six countries that have banned flavoured E-Liquids (with Lithuania’s ban coming into action in July), but there are two more lining up to follow suit. These countries include the US, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia, Hungary and now Lithuania with Denmark and Netherlands set to join them.

It's a move that’s been slated by vaping advocates who continue to promote the science that backs vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, and how flavours help within the role of smoking cessation.

So why has this come around?

The Lithuanian parliament, Seimas, have argued that sales of E-Cigarettes have been growing increasingly popular in Lithuania. By banning flavours other than tobacco they hope to stem the tide of sales. This ban will prohibit the production and sales of flavoured E-Liquid as of July 1st 2022, including those that don’t contain nicotine (shortfills).

This might sound like an odd reason, but it coincides with other countries’ reasoning. They hope that by banning flavours it will reduce the likelihood of young people taking up vaping. There’s also potential that this move is due to big tobacco companies losing out on money due to the uptake in vaping, but this is merely speculation.

Of course, this has given rise to arguments that suggest Lithuania’s ban on flavours could potentially result in many vapers taking up smoking again. Although Lithuania is one of Europe’s smallest countries with under 3 million residents, almost 30% of Lithuania’s adults smoke cigarettes giving them one of the highest smoking rates in the EU.

With this move, the only legal flavour of E-Liquid you will be able to vape in Lithuania and the other mentioned countries, are tobacco flavours.

Will the UK ban flavoured E-Liquids?

While there have been many discussions across the globe, the UK has continued to be a staunch supporter of vaping. Although there have been mentions of the idea of cutting flavours available to vapers, it has been strongly opposed by the majority.

With backing from the NHS and parliament, along with many British governing bodies and experts, here in the UK we don’t expect to follow. Instead, it's more likely that we hope to be the leaders in the industry and by showing the world our efforts, more countries will follow the UK’s stance.