Things to Consider When Vaping in a Heatwave

Things to Consider When Vaping in a Heatwave

How to care for your E-Cigarettes in extreme heat.

18 July 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Things to Consider When Vaping in a Heatwave (Image)

It’s safe to say this is a hot time to be in the UK. We’re currently seeing temperatures much higher than normal in the UK and although for some it’s a time for revelling, let’s face it, the UK isn’t built for heat. Let alone the British people, no matter how much we like the sun and mourn its passing once the rain hits, we also love to complain about it as we’re turning to lobsters in a beer garden somewhere. And much like the UK, there are some things that don’t handle heat well that you might overlook during the heatwave. Your E-Cigarette.

Heat and electronics don’t mix well

Vapes are electronic devices and should be treated with care as any other device that runs on batteries. Anything that runs on batteries doesn’t work well in extreme heat or direct sunlight – there’s a reason why laptops and computers have in-built fans!

First off, most E-Cigarettes are made from metal which, when left in direct sunlight, can heat up. This potentially creates a burning risk when it comes to picking up your vape and touching searing metal with the palm of your hand. But the biggest problem is the heat contained within. Batteries don’t react well to heat or sunlight because of the lithium they contain. When batteries combine with extreme heat, we can have serious problems such as batteries leaking and worst-case scenario, they can explode from the heat.

It's important to remember that this is extreme heat we are talking about, but there should still be care given to any lithium-battery-containing device. E-Cigarettes are safely used on a daily basis by millions of people and many cases of E-Cigarette failures have occurred due to poor care for the device, un-safe custom-made kits or rare malfunctions.

So, make sure that you keep your electronic devices and E-Cigarettes somewhere out of direct sunlight.

Where not to leave your E-Cigarette

DON’T leave your vapes in your car. The temperature inside your car is magnified in comparison to outside. Whatever temperature it is outside, the temperature inside your car can easily double especially over time. During this heatwave we’re likely to see temperatures rise anywhere from 35℃ to 41℃ - inside a car with the windows up, this can easily double and even increase. Leaving anything electrical inside your car in these temperatures is certainly dangerous.

DON’T leave your E-Cigarettes next to anything that conducts heat. For a little explanation with this, if you’re hitting the beach with these high temperatures, something that conducts heat which you’ll certainly be sat on at some point, is sand. Sand gets super-hot under the sun so imagine putting your E-Cigarette down for a moment on the sand; it’s going to start soaking in that stored heat from the sand.

You might think that putting it in your bag is a better idea, but if that bag is sat on the sand the same trapped heat will make its way through your bag. If you can, leave your vapes at home when heading to the beach or keep it in a pocket in loose clothing or sit in the shade.

Similarly, don’t put your E-Cigarettes on a metal garden table outside while you’re enjoying the sun. Anything that gathers heat when in the sun is something that will trap heat and pass it on to your vape on contact.

DON’T overcharge your E-Cigarette. Once your device is charged unplug it immediately. When a device is finished charging it can start to gain heat, combine that with the already high temperatures and you’re potentially creating a hazard by leaving it on charge longer than necessary.

Danger signs to look out for with your vape

If your E-Cigarette is suddenly feeling hotter than normal, especially before it vents, it’s time to put it down. There could potentially be a problem with the battery or that it is beginning to overheat. If you’re able to put it down in a shaded/cool spot then do so immediately and allow to cool. If your vape does start to feel like it’s overheating, once it’s cooled down make sure to thoroughly inspect your device before using it again to ensure it is still safe to use.

Listen out for any strange noises like a high-pitched squeal from the device. This too can be a pre-cursor to your battery failing. If you feel the need to throw your device away from you for your own safety, make sure you don’t do this towards anything potentially flammable.

If you’re replacing your mod’s batteries make sure to double-check the batteries. Ensure the wrap isn’t torn or cracked, that the batteries are not dented etc. These can be signs of problems before you even try using them. If your mod feels hot the batteries inside will be much hotter than you think.

With any extreme weather, it’s important to take care of yourself and be mindful of electronic devices. Keep safe while vaping!