Pod Salt Christmas Vaping Gift Guide

Pod Salt's Christmas Vaping Gift Guide

Get into the festive mood with these vaping gift ideas for this holiday season.

3 December 2021 | Hannah Rubery

Pod Salt Christmas vaping gift guide (Image)

Are you still on the fence on what to get someone for Christmas? Sometimes it might feel like vapers already have everything they need or want, but let’s look at some of our gift ideas for this year. If you’ve got a friend or family member who still smokes and want to help them swap to a less harmful alternative; now is the time.


Vaper’s first device

For those looking to quit smoking, give them a helping hand by setting them up with a simple vape device. This could be the first step to a positive change for your smoking friend who may have been hesitant to buy one themselves. Pod devices really lend themselves to first-timers as they are rechargeable and either offer pre-filled pods or refillable pods.

The Elf Bar Mate 500 pod device is a great starter device. Draw activated, there’s nothing fancy or extravagant with this device, just plug with a pod and puff away. As the pods come pre-filled with E-Liquid even those who are a little dubious about refilling tanks, can’t find it any easier.
Elf bar mate 500 (Image)
Devices like the Drag Nano 2 from Voopoo come with pods that can be refilled. This means that you can add your own E-Liquid, perfect if you’ve got a certain brand or flavour in mind to try. Or similarly, for those looking for a more inconspicuous device, Voopoo’s Doric 20 and Doric 60 pod devices are slim and more cigarette-like in design. They also work perfectly with nicotine salts which are beneficial for those looking to quit smoking.


If you think your smoker friend or relative might not be ready for a device just yet, disposable devices are a great way to introduce them to vaping. Effective and easy to use without any prior knowledge, gift a smoker with a disposable device and perhaps it will be the nudge they need to make the switch to a less harmful alternative to smoking. Not sure where to begin? Fruit flavours are the most popular for many vapers and many who still smoke, may prefer tobacco flavoured devices.

Pod Salt Go offers a variety of flavours great for new vapers making the switch from smoking.
pod salt go devices (Image)
We recommend the flavours: Mixed Berries Ice, Blue Raspberry, Banana Ice and Cuban Crème.

We also highly recommend Doozy Nix, the new disposable range that offers 0mg nicotine disposable devices – great for those looking to lower their nicotine intake.

doozy nix disposable devices (Image)

10ml Nicotine Salts

To go with their first device, these are perfect for refilling the device’s pod/tank. Nicotine salts offer a stronger nicotine hit that smokers need whilst being kinder to the throat, perfect for those looking to quit smoking. Why not pick up a selection of nicotine salts for your favourite vaper to try?

We recommend the core Pod Salt flavours: Fresh Mint, Blue Raspberry, Banana ice and Blackcurrant Menthol.

You can even enjoy top brands with our award-winning nicotine salts, we recommend: Yogi Peanut Butter, Marina Marshmallow Man 3 and Doozy Pink Haze.

pod salt fusion nicotine salts (Image)


A new device

Even if they’ve already got one, vapers’ always appreciate new kit and is guaranteed to be a hit. The latest Voopoo device – Drag Nano 2 is a pod device with a modern, handheld design that works like a dream. With refillable pods you can enjoy any E-Liquid with the device making it a perfect match for any vaper.
drag nano 2 device (Image)
In terms of tools a Coil Building Kit is perfect for a vaper looking to take it to the next level. There are many affordable kits that are perfect for the vaper looking to get technical with their devices, by building their own coils for a personalised vape experience.

Battery chargers or portable power banks for vape devices are certainly going to be appreciated. These must-have items help ensure they can vape around the clock without worry.

A gift for the true lovers of vape, an Atty Stand is a handmade stand for displaying custom tanks that aren’t being used. You can get a variety of designs, shapes and styles – a perfect gift for a vape collector.

If they have a pod device, there may be a co-ordinating lanyard you can get to go with it! A stylish and handy way of keeping a vape device within reach at all times; make sure to check which device you are buying the lanyard for as not all fit different devices!


If you know their favourite brand and they offer shortfills, these are ideal for giving them more of their favourite flavour. With the larger bottles, vapers can enjoy their favourite vape for longer, or alternatively they’re great for helping lower your nicotine intake, or even enjoying nicotine-free! The wide range of flavours is truly unmatched in shortfills so why not pick a selection for your favourite vaper to try?

Try Pod Salt Nexus for interesting flavours, we recommend: Citrus Mix, Fuji Blend and Coco Sun.
pod salt nexus (Image)
Don’t forget about a Shortfill Opener Tool! These handy little tools make using shortfills all the easier as taking the cap off your bottle can be a little tricky.

What vaping goodies would you like to see under the Christmas Tree this year? Let us know in the comments below…