New Pod Salt Go Disposable Device

Our Guide to The Types of E-Liquid Available and The Best One for Your Device

28 June 2021 | Daniel Hollyman

New Pod Salt Go Disposable Device

There are many different E-liquids available for vape users, with something for everyone, depending on your taste. The vape device you use is a big part of that, as some will be optimised for high amounts of nicotine, no amount of nicotine or a discreet experience.

Here is a useful guide to the E-liquids out on the market and which ones you should use, depending on your device.

Berry Liquids

E-liquids infused with berry flavours are some of the most popular ones available to vapers. It could be argued that these flavours brought vaping into the popular mainstream, as before it was seen as a fad no different to smoking.

You can browse berry flavours here to find bundles of four for £12, with flavours ranging from strawberry to blackberry. There are a number of different brands too, as well as different strength amounts, depending on your requirement.

Dessert Liquids

One of the more exciting types of E-liquids around these days are dessert liquids. This range is more popular these days, as it offers a unique experience, packed with flavours you simply won’t find anywhere else.

You can browse dessert flavours here to see special liquids such as peanut butter, banana, lemon cake and even marshmallow. As you can imagine, these liquids are much sweeter than the classic E-liquid, which is an added bonus for those who have a sweet tooth. You can even get bubble gum flavours to give you some childhood nostalgia.

Menthol Liquids

Menthol flavours offer something different to the others; they are considered to be icy. This means that they are designed to give a cleaner throat hit to you, as they have fresher substances in general. Usually, these menthol flavours are kept to themselves, but you can also find them mixed with fruit.

To browse menthol flavours, you can click here. You can, for example, get watermelon menthol flavours, as well as mango or just general menthol. Depending on what vape device you use, you can actually get specialised E-liquids for vape devices with no nicotine, such as a PS One.

Fruit Liquids

You can’t talk about e-liquids without talking about fruit flavours. These are considered quite a classic in regards to the vaping community these days. The bonus is that you can almost get any e-liquids infused with main fruits, such as apple or strawberry.

You can browse popular fruit flavours here to see different brands and sizes, from 10ml bottles to 50ml shortfill. For the smaller bottles, you can mix and match some classic fruit flavours, getting three for £9.99 as a bundle. These fruit flavours offer sweet, tangy and tropical flavours to get your tastebuds tingling.

Tobacco Liquids

For those that have a love of tobacco in their hearts or those that have recently moved on from cigarettes, then tobacco flavours could be the one to try. These flavours give reproductions of the rich flavours of tobacco leaves, which you would normally find in cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Some vape devices are even made to look like these to traditional tobacco consumers.

Tobacco infused E-liquids can be found here. If you are struggling to get used to vaping and are not a fan of the icy or sweet flavours, then this is the E-liquid you should be exploring. You can get them all infused with nicotine salt, which helps enhance the tobacco flavour and make them stand out, giving you a smoother experience.

What We Recommend

Whilst you can shop on your accord and search through a magnitude of different flavours, it’s always good to hear what’s popular already. For example, the current big hit you should be trying is the Nexus Citrus Mix.

This unique flavour is mixed with grapefruit, raspberries and lime, to give your mouth a big citrus surprise. It’s something that’s a bit different right now and certainly worth a try. Of course, this liquid is infused with nicotine salt, helping to give you a smoother vaping experience and assist you in tasting delicious vapour flavours.

If you’re looking for something more refreshing and calmer, then consider going for the Mango Ice flavour. This consist of exotic fruity mango infused with icy menthol to give a unique cool vape feeling.

How Your Vape Can Be Important

The vape device that you use can equally be as important to your experience as the E-liquids. For example, most vapes will be able to handle most E-liquids, but if you want to go more sub-ohm, then you can get modifications on your battery to get a more powerful device.

If you’re looking for something more discreet, then the new PS GO could be the device for you. This slender device can fit into your hand with ease and has built-in heating technology to help deliver a vape experience with little vapour coming out.