Best Disposable Vape Devices on The Market

A List Of The Best Disposable Vape Devices on The Market

05 July 2021 | Daniel Hollyman

Best Disposable Vape Devices on The Market

Over the last few years, we’ve seen disposable vape devices become more popular among vapers, but what’s the reason? Not only that, what devices are they using and why? These are all questions that this article will explore and answer to you.

Reasons To Use Disposable Vapes

They are generally more convenient for users, as they don’t require any cleaning. This gives users more time to enjoy the experience of vaping without stressing about having to deal with what comes after.

Once users have finished their device, they can just be thrown away. They’re useful for people who are travelling and constantly on the move too. Imagine going on holiday and losing your expensive device. It would be a disaster. Whereas a pack of disposable vapes offers users more freedom when on holiday, it is easier to travel through customs if you just pick some up at the other side.

Some countries won’t allow certain vape devices in due to battery and vapour fume laws. There are more discreet vapes you can pick up to get around this, such as the PS One, which can fit into the palm of your hand and release little vapour.

Epuffer Xpod MINI

One of the more popular disposable vapes on the market comes from the 2018 Epuffer Xpod Mini, which is a brand that has been around for almost 15 years. They have many different models available that aren’t too disposable, but we are here to look at those that are.

This model is advertised towards those that currently smoke and aim to help those quit and move on to healthier habits. Currently, these vapes come in packs of three, with flavours consisting of cool menthol, tropical mango and premium tobacco.

These devices are quite high in nicotine salt-based E-liquids, which you can read more about them here. These liquids are designed to help a smoker kick their habit and are a great starting place for beginners to vaping.

They have a similar draw to that of a lit cigarette and offer discrete vapour that emits from the device. Of course, it is also small and lightweight.

Vgod Stig Disposable Pod

This device comes from a company that usually produce devices for more experienced vapers, so it’s nice to see a new device from them. This disposable vape is designed to be utilised with nicotine salts.

Once again, this device is simple in design and optimised to be similar to a cigarette. With a restrictive draw that appeals to smokers, it’s a great place to start for quitting smoking.

The higher levels of nicotine salts allow for a smoother transition of nicotine intake and are designed not to irritate your throat.

Freemax Gemm Pod Kit

You can also get disposable tank kits for vape mods. These mods still offer the bonus of not having to clean the tanks and can throw them away but can help you have a more powerful vape device in general.

It homes a 1300mAh internal battery that can hit 25 watts. If you so choose, you can use it with different tanks, not just their disposable tanks and coils.

The disposable tanks they offer are recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about that. They have a capacity of 2ml and can be filled up to four times before having to be thrown away.

Ensure you keep the mod itself; the last thing you want is to accidentally have thrown away the mod away and have to pay out to replace it.


Speaking of eco-friendly, most disposable vapes are made of plastics and materials that can be recycled, so make sure you dispose of them correctly.

Make no mistake, throwing away these materials incorrectly will just add to the world’s environmental problems. Do your part to help, and make sure you keep hold of them when out until you find a place to recycle them.

E-Liquids to Try With Them

As we’ve mentioned, these disposable vape devices are perfectly made for the use of salt-based nicotine liquids. Both the disposable devices and nicotine salts are growing in popularity over the last few years, so it’s the perfect time to try.

When it comes to thinking about E-liquids, there are a number of different options available, from fruit, berries, menthol, tobacco or even dessert flavours. You can browse through a range of different brands and flavours to see what works for you.

Many disposable devices quite happily allow any E-liquids, but some will work better when applied than others. The good news is that you can buy liquids in bundles allowing you to try others and still get the ones in that you like.

You should try something sweeter, such as dessert-based liquids, as they offer something unique to you and may just become your new favourite.