Make 2023 Your Year to Quit Smoking with Pod Salt

Make 2023 Your Year to Quit Smoking with Pod Salt

Why you should consider quitting smoking and using Pod Salt to help.

14 December 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Make 2023 Your Year to Quit Smoking with Pod Salt (Image)

The end of the year is fast approaching and so is the start of 2023. Many are looking forward to 2023 in hopes of a better year so let’s make it a great year. Make 2023 your year to quit smoking – don’t make it a New Year’s Resolution, make it a solid plan. If you’re still sat on the fence with quitting smoking let’s break down the top reasons why vaping can help you quit.

Why you should consider making the switch to vaping in 2023

There are several reasons why someone might choose to vape rather than smoke. For one, vaping is generally considered to be less harmful than smoking because it doesn't produce the same harmful by-products as smoking. Vaping can be a more convenient and discreet way to get your nicotine hit, as many vaping devices produce very little odour.

In 2021, smoking prevalence in England was between 12.7% and 14.9% which is roughly around 6 million adults. Stop smoking services between 2020 and 2021 noted that quit attempts involving a vaping product were associated with the highest success rates (64.3%). While these figures are great and showing signs of increasing (and decreasing in smoking prevalence), that’s still 6 million people who could be quitting.

Most people nowadays are very aware of what the harms of smoking include, but unfortunately, only 34% of adults who smoke accurately believed that vaping is less harmful. The recent review of evidence on vaping once again showed that vaping is far less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Most, if not all, of the risk associated with cigarettes, comes from the burning of tobacco which contains hundreds of harmful carcinogens.

What about the cost of smoking? Many people are starting to feel the cost-of-living bite at their budgets and smoking is a very expensive habit. By making the switch to vaping, a much less harmful alternative to smoking, you are likely to save hundreds of pounds each month – even more so if you quit altogether.

These are all reasons, and there are plenty more, why you should consider swapping to vaping in 2023.

4 tips on how you can quit smoking for the New Year

So, is there a best way to go about quitting smoking? Luckily, now more than ever, there is a lot of help available for you. The NHS has a variety of helplines, useful information and a helpful app for quitting smoking. But there are several steps you can take to help you on your quit-smoking journey.

1. Motivate yourself.
Write down your incentives and set a date for when you quit, making sure you prepare and giving yourself reasons that you can remind yourself with, and a date to track your progress, can be more beneficial than you think.

2. Don’t keep it to yourself.
Let your friends and family know your plans and when you’re going to start. They can help pick you up and motivate you when you need it or help steer you away from temptations.

3. Find the right aid for you.
There are a variety of ways available to help you quit smoking, many of which you can find on the NHS such as Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT). Vaping is another aid that has received much positivity from the NHS and UK government, as a means for quitting smoking.

4. Make your home like a non-smoker’s.
Removing ashtrays and lighters from your house help to remove any potential triggers that could set off your cravings. Even while you’re out and about or with friends, if they also smoke, politely ask if they can smoke elsewhere or even get them to quit with you!

Best vape juice to quit smoking with

Nicotine Salts are one of the best types of vape juice for smokers looking to quit, and none do it better than Pod Salt. Our Nicotine Salts offer a superior Nicotine Salt formula that hits fast, hits stronger and hits smoother than its competition.

Our range of Nicotine Salts includes CORE, the simple but flavourful fruit, mint and menthol tastes everyone enjoys, straight to NEXUS for more complex fruity combinations. There are also quality FUSIONS, and collaborations with some of the most popular brands to bring our best-selling flavour with our quality Nicotine Salts. Not to mention the perfect range of authentic tobacco flavours, ORIGIN.

Best vape kit to quit smoking with

Our recommendation for a starter kit to check out is the OXVIA Xlim Pod Vape Kit. Pod kits are naturally easy for newcomers to vaping and require little to no maintenance other than recharging the battery. The Xlim does all this in a neat, compact device that offers supreme customisation to make the best vape possible. With adjustable power and airflow, plus a range of pods with different resistances for you to try, you can vape the way you want to.

The Xlim device offers stunning flavour production and with each pod lasting a long time, you certainly get your money’s worth. Pod kits lend themselves to Nicotine Salts which makes this a perfect device for you to get to grips with alongside your Pod Salt nicotine salts for 2023.