Black Friday 2021 with Pod Salt

Black Friday 2021 with Pod Salt

Don't miss out on our limited time discount for Black Friday!

26 November 2021 | Hannah Rubery

Black Friday at Pod Salt 2021 (Image)


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving holiday in the US, where many businesses offer special shopping deals and big discounts to kickstart the holiday shopping season. It’s the perfect time for people to stock up on items they’ve been wanting for a while, or for Christmas presents.

Black Friday was first associated with a financial crisis in the US. Two Wall Street financiers attempted to beat the system by buying a significant amount of US gold in the hopes of sending gold prices soaring, so that they could then sell for a huge profit. Instead, it did the opposite and sent Wall Street crashing in 1929. From it rose the term ‘Black Friday’ but it later turned into a positive phrase as many shops saw significant profits that took them ‘out of the red’, from post-Thanksgiving Day sales.