Battle of the Brands – Vaping Charity Football

Battle of the Brands – Vaping Charity Football

It's time for us to get physical and raise money for charity too!

10 January 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Charity Football Event (Image)

At Pod Salt we love any chance to give back to others and December last year, that’s exactly what we did.

On December 2nd, we took part in a charity football event arranged by our friends at iBreathe a fellow leading vape company that reached out to us, in hopes that we would take part. Play football against our fellow vape brands, listen to some of the leading experts in vaping and representatives from the NHS, and raise money for charity while we’re at it? Of course, we were up for it.

The Battle of Brands event took place at The Kicksonic Indoor Football Arena and included a great many of our fellow colleagues from across the vape market. Apart from us and iBreathe, we were joined by: Elf Bar, >Geek, Nasty, Hyppe and Riot Squad. This great event was not only for us all to get together to raise money for the charity Maggie’s Cancer Care, but also to promote healthy life changes, like quitting smoking and switching to vaping, and to listen to speakers offer insights into the future of vaping.

The day began with great banter between all the teams involved as we fired up for the matches ahead. Each brand had the chance to play against all of the other teams before the final matchup with some good-natured competition – who doesn’t want to win at a competition? Each team had gone the extra mile and had their own representative football kits especially for this event. We of course designed our own Pod Salt football kit, complete with core flavour inspired names on the reverse such as: Mixed Berries Ice, and Cuban Crème.
Pod Salt Football team (Image)
The competition was tough with great players on each team. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the finals, but in good friendly spirit, some of our Pod Salt team did help fill in spaces on other brand teams when they needed substitutes. Overall, we greatly enjoyed our time there and getting to have some good-natured fun with our fellow brands. The winners of the charity event were none other than our good friend Riot Squad who really did smash it out of the park.

With the match over we finished off the day with talks from the CEO of iBreathe Salim Patel, and Director General from the UKVIA (United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association) John Dunne. John went on to discuss the negativity from the WHO and Bloomberg’s investment against vaping and generated great discussion from each of the companies present on the current threats and problems with our industry.

Plus, we were joined by two NHS Doctors to speak on the benefits of vaping as a smoking cessation tool and the NHS’s continuing stance in support for vaping. The UK continues to be a strong advocate for vaping as a path to quitting smoking. We are proud to have taken part and reinforced our own beliefs in the positive effect vaping has on those looking to quit smoking.

We can’t wait for this event to return as it gave us a great opportunity to get to know some of our fellow brands all the better, plus to give back to the community with charity fundraising. Did you catch us during our live events on Instagram? The Battle of Brands is set to return this April so keep up to date with us for more info, and to catch us live in action. Until then we’re hitting the gym to come back for glory on the pitch. Next April we’ll definitely Hit the Spot.