Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

With a lot of bad press surrounding disposable vapes, let's take a look at one of the popular questions

13 January 2022 | Hannah Rubery

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What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vape pens are pre-filled vaping devices that come in a range of flavours, offering a supremely portable method of vaping while on the go. Usually these are designed to be small and slender, easy enough to fit in your pocket and vape when the need hits. Without the need to recharge or refill these devices, they’re the ultimate convenient device, especially great for those who’ve recently made the switch to vaping. Most of these devices nowadays offer around 500-600 puffs per device, the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes

In terms of safety in vaping E-Cigarettes and disposable devices, there is a good amount of science that backs them as less harmful than cigarettes. The NHS and other health bodies in the UK have agreed that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. This is due to the lack of tar production and carbon monoxide, among other harmful chemicals that the burning of tobacco creates.

Disposable vape devices do contain nicotine and therefore these should only be used by those who have smoked and are looking to quit, due to the addictive nature of nicotine. Vaping is not completely harmless but it is much less harmful than traditional smoking. This is why vaping should be used as a smoking cessation tool.

Battery Safety

With disposable vapes, the lithium battery comes pre-installed and cannot be recharged, and most are built with safety features. So certainly, this should make them safe? Counterfeit devices or cheap, illegal devices may not have the same safety standards; shop smart and purchase only from reputable companies.

If your disposable device starts to get hot or begins to leak, cease using immediately. Once your disposable device is empty, be sure to correctly discard your device. Vape batteries should be disposed of in battery bins which can often be found in many supermarkets.

Illegal disposables on the market

Whilst most disposable devices contain 2ml or less of 20mg/ml nicotine E-Liquid, which is the legal limit within the UK, there are some unlicensed products making their way onto the market. These illegal devices often contain higher amounts of E-Liquid and stronger nicotine strengths which can cause unfortunate side effects for those who use them. There have been many reports of incidents of throat and nose bleeding due to these devices.

Not only this but cheap, imitation versions of disposable devices may contain harmful ingredients that are illegal in the UK. The rules and regulations surrounding vaping devices and E-Liquid are there to ensure the quality and safety of all vaping products.

How to make sure your disposable is safe?

If you choose to buy disposable vapes you should ensure you are purchasing them from a reputable seller. In any case, it’s always advised to check the label of your disposable vape pens to make sure they are compliant with UK laws. For example, they contain a maximum of 20mg/ml of nicotine or nicotine salts, they feature all the nicotine warnings, and there is no more than 2ml of E-Liquid in the device.

If a disposable vape says it offers an extraordinary puff count higher than many others in the market, there’s a good chance something’s not quite right. If you think you could possibly have a counterfeit device, you can also check the batch code with the brand’s website. If there is any doubt about your device, contact the company directly – there will always be an email address or phone number on any UK compliant product.

Overall, disposable vape devices are convenient and easy for consumers to use, but due to the increased popularity of disposables, it has made illicit and non-compliant versions more popular. This makes it easier for unsafe versions to fall into vapers’ hands.
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