Top 10 Vaping Tips for Beginners: Your Handy Pod Salt Guide

Top 10 Vaping Tips for Beginners: Your Handy Pod Salt Guide

Pod Salt's Essential Vaping Guide: Do's and Don'ts for Newbies!

5 March 2024 | Hannah Rubery

Top 10 Vaping Tips for Beginners: Your Handy Pod Salt Guide (Image)

Vaping - it’s the sophisticated and exciting alternative to traditional smoking, popular for its role as a stepping-stone away from hazardous cigarettes. If you're a beginner to the vaping world, the range of devices, E-Liquids, and jargon can seem overwhelming. But don't worry, Pod Salt is here with 10 crucial tips to kick off your vaping journey like a pro.

Why Have Former Smokers Fallen Hard for Vaping?

Think of vaping as the dazzling, irresistible upgrade from smoking. It provides support in the quest to quit smoking, offers delightful flavour options, and houses a flourishing culture. For those struggling to quit, vaping allows for a gradual reduction in nicotine intake. To help make your start less intimidating, we’ve compiled the top 10 things every beginner needs to know.

1. Master the Vaping Basics

Before getting your hands on a vaping device, mastering the basics is a must. Familiarise yourself with the various parts - battery, tank, coil, wick and not to forget, the juice. Knowing how to refill, charge, and clean these components is crucial for a seamless vaping experience. There are numerous tutorial videos online or in-person guidance at speciality vape stores to make this process effortless.

2. Opt for a Device That Reflects Your Style

When choosing a vape, remember that each caters to different preferences and experience levels. For beginners, simplicity is the key. Start off with user-friendly devices like pod kits that use refillable or prefilled pods, which are typically affordable and easy to use. Once you’ve comfortable, you can upgrade to a more robust device. Pod Salt Evolve is a great starter kit for those making the switch with replaceable pods, a rechargeable battery and our satisfying Nic Salts.

3. Choose Your E-Liquids Wisely

E-liquids are the heart of your vaping experience. The vast array of flavours and nicotine levels is where the excitement truly begins. Start simple – classic fruit, tobacco or menthol flavours are great for those transitioning from smoking. Choosing the right PG/VG ratio is also essential – it can significantly affect the throat hit, flavour intensity, and vapour production. Usually, vapers prefer a 50/50 like Pod Salt or 70/30 ratio.

4. Maintain Your Vape Properly

Proper maintenance ensures your vaping device delivers the best performance. Learning to look after the separate elements of your vape are essential for having a good experience.

5. Start Gradually with Nicotine Strengths

The beauty of vaping lies in the control it provides over nicotine levels. Start slow – too much can cause headaches and an unpleasant experience, while too little may not satisfy your nicotine cravings. Find a comfortable middle ground and gradually adjust your strength accordingly. Generally heavy smokers find 20mg to be a good strength but for some this could be too much. Try a 10/11mg vape juice and if you still feel the cravings, proceed to 20mg.

6. Practise Vaping Etiquette

Remember, not everyone appreciates vaping. While it might be enjoyable for you, others might be sensitive to scents, and many public places strictly prohibit vaping. Be mindful of your surroundings when vaping.

7. Safety Should Always Come First

Treat your batteries with care, especially if you’re using a device with a replaceable battery. Also, remember to use the right charger for your device and avoid overcharging, as not all chargers are created equal.

Alternatives to Zero Nicotine Disposables

If such a ban comes to pass, vapers will need to pivot to different nicotine-free products such as shortfills, which are nicotine-free E-Liquids commonly sold in larger bottles which allow for personal adjustments like adding a nicotine shot if desired.

8. Slowly Reduce Your Nicotine Strength

Many vapers aim to become nicotine-free. It’s not a race, but a marathon. Take it slow when reducing your nicotine strength and move at a pace that's comfortable for you.

9. Prepare for a Period of Adjustment

Vaping is different from smoking – from the inhale/exhale process to the feel of the device. It may take some time to adjust, but don't get discouraged. Reach to fellow vapers for advice, we’ve all been there!

10. Go Slow and Steady with Your Puffs

Whether you're starting with a Pod Salt device or another, the universal rule is to take it slow. Avoid chain-vaping, let your coil rest and your wick saturate between hits. Maintaining a steady pace keeps your coils in good health, enhances flavour and vapour production, and prevents accidental over-nicotine consumption.

Conclusion: Welcome to the World of Vaping

Engage with the community, continue learning, and enjoy the journey. Vaping is a unique personal experience that represents more than a hobby – it's a lifestyle and a potential path to quitting smoking. Keep in mind these 10 tips, take your time, and savour the experience. Welcome to the vaping community, new vapers. Your promisingly cloud-filled future awaits.