Beginner’s Guide to Pod Vape Kits

A Beginner’s Guide to Pod Vape Kits

Convenience meets simplicity and style with vape pod kits!

31 March 2022 | Hannah Rubery

A Beginner’s Guide to Pod Vape Kits (Image)

What is a Pod Vape Kit/Pod Mod?

Pod kits, also known as a Pod System, Pod Vape or Pod Mod, are a type of vape kit that blends simplicity with function. They feature two main parts; a battery and a pod. Pod Vape Kits are made to be user-friendly with first-time vapers in mind. There are two main types of Pod kits available.

Closed vs Open Pod Vape Kits

These two types of Pod kits are mostly self-explanatory. Closed Pod kits work with closed pods, pods that do not need refilling and are pre-filled with E-Liquid. Open Pod vape kits feature pods that can be refilled and often come empty, allowing you to top up with your favourite vape juice. Naturally, Closed Pod kits are the simplest to use; simply pop in a pod and vape. However, Open Pod kits are much more versatile allowing you to use your own E-Liquids with the device.

What E-Liquids should you use with Pod Kits?

Pod kits generally use coils with higher resistance – most Pod Vape kits also do not allow for the coils to be swapped out or replaced due to them being built into the pod. Due to this, E-Liquids that have a higher concentration of PG to VG vape best at lower power outputs. You can also use the standard 50/50 ratio perfectly fine with these devices.

Nicotine Salts are highly recommended for these types of devices due to the low power, high resistance they offer. They offer higher strengths of nicotine with a much smoother hit perfect for new vapers making the change from smoking.

For those looking for a little more power, there are advanced Pod kits available that even use Sub-Ohm coils. These can handle thicker E-Liquids that have high VG ratios, providing greater clouds perfect for could chasers.

Who should use Pod Kits?

As mentioned earlier, due to the simplicity of these types of devices, Pod kits lend themselves to new vapers. Those making the switch from smoking to vaping would certainly benefit from a Pod Vape kit. Vapers also looking for an easy, low-maintenance kit to travel with would also benefit from Pod kits.

What are the pros of Pod Kits?

There are many benefits to using a Pod kit to vape, aside from the fact that they make a great introductory method to vaping for newcomers.

Ease of Use

Closed Pod kits are perfectly simple to use, simply pop a pod from its packaging and click into your device to enjoy. They’re also discreet thanks to the higher Ohm coil that produces fewer clouds on exhale, ideal for those who feel a little self-conscious when out vaping. Most feature a simple push button to click to fire up the device but many nowadays also use draw-activation.

Lasts a long time

Thanks to recent technology booms in the vaping market, Pod Mods have improved over the years. They often have larger batteries that last longer nowadays. Due to the design of a Pod kit, you don’t need to worry too much about the maintenance of your device, only your pods. And if you used Closed Pods then you replace them each time they run out!

Low maintenance

There’s no need to replace coils (other than in some Open Pod systems), which makes Pod kits great for those who don’t want to get too technical. Closed Pod systems also benefit from not needing to be refilled once your pod is empty just click in a new one. Even Open Pods are easy for refilling and are designed to be very leak resistant.


Despite the initial cost of the device, maintaining it and buying refills after are low cost. Since you don’t need to buy extra parts such as wicking cotton or replacing coils, you only ever need to buy new pods or new liquid to refill. Smoking is a very expensive habit and vaping has been shown to be cheaper in the long run, saving smokers hundreds a month. As an introductory way to vaping, a Pod kit is a worthy investment that will still save you money.