What device should I use to vape nicotine salts?

What device should I use to vape nicotine salts?

3 Dec | Daniel Hollyman

What device should I use to vape nicotine salts? (Image)

Nicotine salts offer a smoother vape at higher strengths compared to those that you'll find in regular e-liquids. Because of this, they're a fantastic solution for people looking for a stronger hit. That said, it’s also really important to put some thought into the kind of device you vape with. The right combination of liquid and device will create a vape that you're sure to love, and that’s why we've put together some ideas to help you find the right device for enjoying nicotine salts.

How powerful is the device - Pen or tank?

Vaping with nicotine salts is a pretty unique experience. Even with the possibility of much higher strengths, the throat feel isn't overpowering, offering a smooth vape every time. However, the higher nicotine strengths available do mean that your choice of device is particularly important.

The reason for this is that you need to consider the strength of the nicotine salt itself, as well as the power of the device you're using to vape.

It might be tempting to go for a top-of-the-range, high-powered vape tank. If you do, you might find that vaping with nicotine salt provides a particularly overpowering experience, alongside a harsher hit.

Instead, a simpler, more efficient and lower wattage vape pen or pod device is often the perfect fit for nicotine salts. The lower power of these devices makes them perfect for a smooth and refreshing hit. Vape pens are also great for vaping discreetly or while on the move, as they can easily fit into your pocket, and are less likely to produce large clouds compared to more powerful vape tanks. There's no shortage of brilliantly-designed and high-tech vape pens, so you're free to find a combination that works for you.

Closed or open?

Closed or open refers to the way the device holds and stores nicotine salt e-liquid. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both can use nicotine salts.

With a closed system, you'll be using pre-filled tanks that you dispose of and replace when you're finished. This provides a no-mess, no-fuss vape experience, and they're ready to vape as soon as they're charged. However, you might find that you're a little more limited in the strengths and flavours that are available to you, and it can be a little pricier to replace each tank of nicotine salt e-liquid. When vaping nicotine salt e-liquids, the right device can make the experience that much more enjoyable. You can take a look at the Pod Salt closed system vape devices here.

Open systems provide a refillable cartridge that also creates a more customisable vape. Instead of being stuck to a certain brand or strength, you can mix and match however you like, such as by changing the nicotine strength, or flavour of the e-liquid. Often, open systems provide a much smoother vape, too, thanks to having higher resistance and providing a smoother draw. For a look at some of the open systems we have, you can take a look here.

One issue you could face, though, is that refilling while out on the move might be fiddly. There might also be a hint of flavour ghosting if you switch flavours while there's still some left in your tank. To prevent flavour ghosting from happening, you should make sure that your tank is clean before switching to a new flavour.

Fortunately, both kinds of devices are suitable for vaping with nicotine salts. Decide based on whichever kind of system provides a vaping experience you'll enjoy the most. Think of the benefits that closed and open devices each provide. For example, you might prefer a low-profile, low wattage open system pod device, or a high-tech, closed system that’s brand new on the market and provides convenient on-the-go refills. Each kind of device has its advantages and disadvantages based on what you're looking for in your vaping device.

Pairing your pod device with pod salts

Finding the perfect flavour and strength combination in your nicotine salt e-liquid is certain to create a vaping experience you'll enjoy. That said, your choice of device is also important. With a high-quality vape system from a trusted brand, alongside specially-formulated e-liquids, you'll have a smooth and enjoyable hit every time.

Pod Salt provide a specially-developed range of nicotine salt e-liquids that:

●  Come in a wide range of flavours — From refreshing Apple, to cool Ice Menthol, Pod Salt are sure to have a flavour that’s perfect for you.
●  Come in a choice of strengths — For the perfect customisable vaping experience, you can vape our nicotine salt e-liquids in either 20mg or 36mg nicotine salt strength.
●  Offers a great vape experience every time — Formulated with salicylic acid to temper the harsher alkali of high-strength nicotine salts, all of Pod Salt's range is smooth and refreshing to vape every time.

If you'd like to find out more about the Pod Salt range of nicotine salts, take a look at our Products page. Alternatively, you could get in touch with a member of our team by heading to our Contact Us page.