Vaping: The Secret Tool in Quitting Smoking

Vaping: The Secret Tool in Quitting Smoking

09 September 2021 | Daniel Hollyman

Vaping: The Secret Tool in Quitting Smoking (Image)

Kicking The Habit

How to quit smoking? For many, vaping is the answer. We all know the health risks involved with smoking tobacco, and between the health implications, the stigma, and the cost of smoking, there is plenty of motivation!

Whilst vaping allows more control over how much nicotine you’re consuming than buying cigarettes or tobacco, the breadth of flavours available also means there’s an option for everyone on their journey to stop smoking.

How Useful is Vaping in Quitting Smoking?

As e-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide - two of the biggest problem substances connected to smoking tobacco - vaping is a much healthier choice than smoking cigarettes. Whilst not available through GPs in the UK, the NHS recommends vaping as an aid for those looking to stop smoking alongside other therapies, and success rates are high.

The Importance of Flavour in E-Liquids

One of the greatest appeals of vaping is the extraordinary breadth of flavours that are now available for consumers. The options are essentially endless - from a fairly traditional menthol or tobacco flavour, through to apple pie, tangerine or whisky(!).

For those looking to quit smoking through vaping, such a range of sweet flavours is good news as well: studies have shown that those smoking these less conventional flavours are more successful in quitting smoking, than those who choose traditional tobacco flavours.

Sourcing Vape Flavours As A Producer

As one of the biggest appeals for vape customers, having access to a wealth of flavour options is a huge asset to any e-liquid producers, whether established or just starting out. Utilising comprehensive white label manufacturers to help develop your products from start to finish, including bespoke vape flavour production, could be your best weapon against the competition.

With over 300 flavours bases and an expert team on hand to combine and develop to your needs, Xyfil’s white label manufacturing capabilities are one of the best. We can even help you develop some top tier branding thanks to our in-house graphic design teams, and our fully accredited labs and comprehensive testing will ensure you’re safe for sale.

Embracing Change

As attitudes towards smoking have changed and consumers embrace vaping for health as well as taste, it’s never been a more exciting time to get involved in e-liquids. Whether you’re looking to develop a small range to support your own passion, or develop a brand for the growing audience, get in touch today to see how our white label manufacturing can help you.