The Next Step - Moving from Disposable Vapes

The Next Step - Moving from Disposable Vapes

Where to go next from vaping disposables?

28 June 2022 | Hannah Rubery

The Next Step - Moving from Disposable Vapes (Image)

It’s undeniable that disposable vapes offer an easy way into vaping for smokers looking to quit cigarettes. Vaping can seem daunting at first with all the different brands, equipment, terminology etc, which is why we try to make it as easy as possible for newcomers.

The benefit of disposable vapes and the problems with them

Why are disposable vapes so popular? Well for one, they’re highly useful for smokers who are unsure of vaping but want to give it a try. Disposable vapes are often cheap around £5-6 and contain enough nicotine to be the equivalent of a pack of 20 cigarettes. There’s no need for maintenance, no need for extra accessories or E-liquid, no need to recharge – just simply pop one out of its packaging and you’re ready to puff away.

Not only are they easy to use but with the rising popularity of disposables, most brands have created their own line of disposable vapes. This makes it easier for vapers to discover new brands and flavours they may not have tried before, without investing too much in a product they may not like.

So, what’s the downside? Well, although the cost of them may seem cheap to start with, regularly vaping with them can be almost as expensive as smoking. For the same price (and often even cheaper) you are able to buy a 10ml bottle of Nic Salts which contains 5x the amount of vape juice in a disposable device!

Using disposable devices repeatedly is also not great for the environment. Once a disposable has run dry or the battery has died you cannot refill or recharge them – your only option is to throw it away and most disposables are non-recyclable.

Disposable vapes are also designed to be a quick fix for your nicotine cravings when quitting smoking, so they don’t offer a versatile vaping experience as vape kits do.

Disposable vapes - Pod Salt Go 600 (Image)

The next step - refillable pods?

What’s the logical next step from disposables? Luckily for those who want to take the next step, there is an easy solution available. Pod kits. Pod vaping kits are the happy medium between disposables and tank kits. They are relatively cheap and require only a small amount of maintenance.

Pod kits are completely rechargeable. Once your device runs out of battery you only need to recharge to begin vaping with your device again. Similarly, when you run out of vape juice – depending on your device – you can pop in a new pre-filled (closed) pod or refill your old one (if it is an open-pod refillable one).

A great benefit of pod kits is that they usually are low-wattage devices which lends them perfectly to nicotine salts. Nicotine Salts are the preferred type of E-Liquid for smokers looking to quit for several reasons. Primarily nicotine salts offer a stronger nicotine hit with better absorption more akin to that of cigarettes. They are also available in slightly higher strengths (20mg/ml is the maximum strength for the UK)

Nicotine Salts Pod Salt (Image)

Where to begin with moving from disposables, should you switch?

If you’ve been trying disposables and find that vaping is helping manage your cravings, then moving on to re-usable kits like pod kits is only logical. They offer more versatility with your vaping and give you more puffs for your money. It may feel expensive in the short run because of the initial price of your kit, but in the long run, they are certainly more worthwhile.

Using closed-pod systems at first which are pre-filled with vape juice is great for trying them out, but open-pod systems that let you re-fill the pod with an E-Liquid of your choice are more beneficial once you’ve gotten to grips with the device.

Or alternatively, if you are a confident vaper and want to get move involved in the hobbyist side of vaping, then tank kits and their endless customisation could be for you. Whichever you decide there are tons of helpful guides online, including on our blog, to help you get started with your next device.

Have you moved on from disposable vapes? Let us know in the comments what you vape regularly and if you’d change what you vape.