Latest News – Raising the legal age for E-Cigarettes

Latest News – Raising the legal age for E-Cigarettes

Currently the age to buy cigarettes and E-Cigarettes is 18 years of age

24 February 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Raising the lefal age for E-Cigarettes (Image)

First brought to light last year, there’s been a repeated discussion about whether the legal age for buying cigarettes should be raised. This would also affect the age for buying other nicotine-containing items such as E-Cigarettes. Back in 2021, it was suggested as a means for helping cut down those under the age of 16, from smoking. And the conversation is still ongoing.

The possible increase of legal age for E-Cigarettes

Recently, the Irish Vape Vendors Association (IVVA) took to defending vaping and vape flavours, in the battle to get the country smoke-free. The claims that flavoured E-Liquids are targeting children have spurred talks on raising the legal age for smoking and vaping.

As always, the vaping industry has been working with the goal in mind, to help smokers quit, and in the UK we continue to show this with promising studies, experiences and positive backing from governing bodies like the NHS. Should a move be made to raise the legal age for cigarettes, it only makes sense to support these actions within our industry by raising the legal age of E-Cigarettes also.

With mentions of how the industry could potentially deal with the issue, the IVVA suggested that there would be no problem with having the legal age increased to 21.

However, there have been ongoing arguments that flavoured E-Liquids are appealing to children, a notion that has resulted in several countries banning flavours other than tobacco.

Would raising the legal age help?

Currently, the legal age for purchasing E-Cigarettes is set at 18 – this is also the legal age for buying cigarettes. Issues arise however when retailers do not challenge the age of those they sell to, or parents and friends buying E-Cigarettes for those younger than them. Early last year the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVA) launched an Age of Sale Guidance for vape shops and retailers, due to concerns.

Raising the legal age to 21 could be beneficial for trying to limit vaping products falling into the hands of young adults. There could also be benefits to vaping brands/retailers and parents appropriately educating underage children about the harms of smoking cigarettes and by extension, vaping.

Even though vaping is seen as a less harmful alternative than smoking, there is still some harm associated with vaping, especially for those who are non-smokers. This is why at Pod Salt we do not suggest the use of vaping products for those who have never smoked. Vaping is a valuable smoking cessation tool that continues to aid many long-term smokers in quitting.