Pod Salt Vapers are feeling the difference

Journeys to Success: Podsalt vapers are feeling the difference

Amidst all the controversy, we can’t forget the millions of vapers who have already made the switch and transformed their lives.

3 Dec | Daniel Hollyman

Podsalt began a campaign earlier this year encouraging ex-smokers to share their stories using the #switchwithpodsalt.

Thousands of people got in touch with us through our social media platforms, sharing their own personal experiences and struggles with quitting tobacco.

It’s not every day you get to witness the difficulties smokers often go through and the real difference vaping can make to people’s lives. At a time when vaping has hit the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the positive success stories. Podsalt has always encouraged a climate of responsible vaping amongst our customer base and we are proud of the difference our products make to transform lives.


“Tobacco is responsible for the death of 6 million people each year. This includes 600,000 people estimated to die from second-hand smoking.”

World Health Organisation, 2015

Podsalt customers like @vapingviper pointed out the overall negative effects of smoking on their health. The WHO estimates around 6 million deaths per year are due to the adverse effects of smoking. However, thanks to vaping, our customers are able to replace dangerous cigarettes with a far safer alternative.


Many stories focused on the long-term solution vaping can provide. By making the switch, @the_vaping_assassin has completely given up smoking for two and a half years. It’s great to see the positive impacts of vaping first-hand and the way our products can bring about a brighter future for our customers.

Podsalt has worked tirelessly to create a perfectly smooth experience through the use of Nicotine Salts. Nic Salts are found naturally in tobacco leaves and are recognised as being far superior in terms of quality to traditional free-base nicotine. A nicotine salt blend is absorbed faster into your blood stream and stays there for longer, providing a more intense level of satisfaction.

Nicotine management studies also support the claim that Nicotine Salts have a positive impact on people’s ability to quit smoking and the ability to reduce the intake of nicotine over time. Ex-smokers switching to vaping tended to start off at high strengths and lower the dosage over time at a quicker rate than that of freebase nicotine participants.

Quitting is good for the people around you. Think of all the toxic chemicals you create for yourself and others when you smoke. Now compare that to vaping… all you produce is harmless vapour.

In short, Podsalt vapers are feeling the difference. Many of our customers who have made the switch have come out the other side feeling better about their health and about themselves.