How Much Can You Save by Switching from Smoking to Vaping

How Much Can You Save by Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Both figurately and literally - the cost of smoking is great.

16 May 2023 | Hannah Rubery

How Much Can You Save by Switching from Smoking to Vaping (Image)

Making the switch from cigarettes to vaping is more than just an alternative - it could be a financial game-changer. Want proof? We'll reveal how much money you can save when comparing costs between smoking & vaping, so don't delay any longer and make your decision today!

The Cost of Smoking: Figuratively

Smoking is an expensive habit, costing both your health and your wallet. In the UK alone, 76000 people die annually due to smoking-related illnesses - avoidable deaths that could be prevented with a few changes in lifestyle today. Don't let yourself become part of this statistic: choose to quit before it's too late!

Cigarette smoking is among the most hazardous habits one can have. From hydrogen cyanide to carbon monoxide and many other carcinogens, cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that are damaging your health every time you light up. Not only this but tar from cigarette smoke coats your lungs which damages them over time leading to respiratory illnesses - something no-one wants for themselves or those around them! Don't let nicotine be an excuse when it's the least harmful component; make sure you understand what else comes along with each puff so that your future remains as healthy as possible.

Everyone knows the health risks, but there are financial costs to consider too - smoking can be an incredibly expensive habit. On average, UK smokers spend close to £4,000 every year for just 15 cigarettes per day; that's a hefty price tag! And if you're a heavy smoker (20 or more cigarettes daily), then your expenses could potentially climb up by another thousand pounds annually.

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Vaping vs Smoking: What are the Benefits?

Vaping provides a less harmful, cost-effective option for those looking to quit smoking. Instead of breathing in the dangerous toxins found in cigarettes, e-cigarette aerosol leaves you with a much lower risk of serious health issues - and it costs less too!

Investing once in a vape device means that purchasing replacement parts or E-Liquid refills can help keep your wallet full while still enjoying the same experience.

With varying levels of nicotine available from 0mg all the way up to 20mg – vaping is also perfect if you’re trying step down how much nicotine you consume day by day until eventually quitting altogether!

Calculating the Savings: How Much Can You Really Save by Vaping?

Is the cost of cigarettes burning a hole in your pocket? There's no need to suffer through expensive smokes anymore! Making the switch to vaping can save you thousands every year.

Whether you're an occasional cigarette smoker or have more frequent habits, there are plenty of options out there designed specifically with budget consciousness in mind- like pod kits which range from £20 - 30 and come either pre-filled or re-fillable depending on what suits your needs best.

If 20+ cigarettes a day is normal for you, this could mean up to £5k cost annually! So let’s look at how much you could be saving.

For example, if you pick up a Vaporesso Xros Nano device for around £25, these already come with 2 pods (one which you may prefer over the other as they offer different resistances) that can be filled with E-Liquid of your choice.

Each pod comes with a pre-built coil so you don't need to worry about learning to maintain coils! Simply replace the pod when the coil is worn out - usually, they last 3-5 days depending on how much you vape and what you vape. If you vape Nicotine Salts then it's probably going to be more likely 3 days! So you might want to pick up a pack of 4 replacement pods for £10 also.
Pod device and replaceable, refillable pods (Image)
These pods can hold 2ml of vape juice which is available in 10ml bottles - depending on your chosen strength and how much you vape you may want anything from 1-2 bottles a week - that's about £8 in total.

So, in total, a heavy smoker who on average would spend around £420 a month on cigarettes would spend around £60 a month on vaping - that's around £20-30 on pods and £32 on E-Liquid, not including the one-off £25 spend for the device. That's over 80% savings!

If you smoke less and are looking to transition into vaping, now is your chance! With the right choices, not only can you switch over with great health benefits but also save a ton of money. Buying shortfills - large bottles of nicotine-free E-Liquid that come in strengths up to 5mg/ml - offers an opportunity for greater savings on vape juice than ever before; some reaching as much as 120ml per bottle! Due to the much lower levels of nicotine available in these, typically they are used by those who only smoked casually or vapers looking to lower their nicotine intake.

Make the change to vaping today to see the costs for yourself

Tired of having to spend an arm and a leg on cigarettes? Switching to vaping is the perfect way for smokers - both light or heavy users-to save money while not having to worry about nicotine withdrawal. With only one initial investment that you can recoup quickly, switching from cigarettes to E-Cigarettes will not just help improve your health but also keep thousands in your pocket each year! Make today the day you make this beneficial switch – it’s time to get rid of those harmful side effects as well as hefty costs!